Instagram is a social app, just like Facebook, where one can upload photos and videos, and chat with people through DMs. One can also post stories and live status. People basically do this because of the likes and comments they get. What is Instagram likes? It refers to the amount of appreciation that one gets over a post by their followers. Only your followers (who follow you) can see your photos and videos and, like and comment on them. Moreover, they can also see likes and comments of other followers as well.

Why is it important?

  • Gaining a greater number of likes is very important to convey a message, promoting a product or service, building connections and expand your business in the long run and for long-term perspective.
  • People also love the appreciation and attention they get through likes on their posts. Also, they love creating a fan base and increasing their reach to more and more people (followers).

The number you get instagram followers and likes is directly proportional to each other. More (increasing) likes would let you know what your followers like. If your account is Public, and the likes on your posts are increasing then, Instagram will show your posts even to non-followers because people like what they love.